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The Director initially started State Sports School in the year 1990, first at Itanagar, there after switch over to Naharlagun by the Directorate of Education. But due to lack of infrastructural facilities, School building, Hostel accommodation, sports infrastructural facilities, proper curriculum design and some other allied problems, the residential Sports School had not been possible to continue for 2(two) years.
In fulfilling the basic pre-requisite need for State Sports School, Govt. allotted land measuring 37 acres at Chimpu for developing infrastructural facilities along with Directorate of Sports & Youth Affairs Complex in the year 1992.
School inauguration
There after Directorate of Education had taken initiative for constructing bachelor barrack and School building. Directorate of Sport & youth Affairs, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh came into existence in the year Sept.'1996. Since then it has been the engaging attention of the Directorate to make the Sports School functional at earliest possible time. But due to financial constrain desired level of momentum are not been achieved. However, Hon'ble Chief Minister despite financial stragnancy came out open hearted with blank cheque not only with the money but with its administrative and executive machinery uninterrupted feedback, encouragement of Hon'ble Minister of Sports and Dynamic able guidance of Late Sangay Lhaden, Ex Secretary the lone State Sports School Started on 16th March 2001 with its humble structure with 32 students by selection(2)two from every district of Arunachal Pradesh.
It is our deep pathetic note that most unfortunate helicopter crash of 8th May 2001 snatched away untimely 7 seven valuable of lives amongst which we lost our Hon'ble Minister for Education Dera Natung and Secretary Sports and Youth affairs Sangay Lhaden forever with sad heavy heart we all feel there absence in this auspicious occasion.
In a wise befitable dynamic Cabinet discussion Govt. Degree College, Itanagar was renamed as Dera Natung Degree College and State Sports School as Sangay Lhaden Academy with a view to pay regard for their sincere dedicated effort towards these fields.
It is a complete residential institution with free fooding and lodging arrangement for the students.
School Building
Aims & Objectives
The aim of the School  is  to build up a young generation with a sound mind and strong physique, a generation which aims to live  a fuller, more purposeful and nobler life. The school will provide   each pupil with opportunities for developing  his or her  individuality through activities which will promote an integrated personality. The school will explore the hidden talent of the children in the field of games and sports and make them aspire for national & international Laurels.
Type of Institute
Medium of instruction
Course to be followed
1. Educational(CBSE, New Delhi).
2. Sports & Games(As per the the Sports Schools of India).
3. Co-curricular activities(With special attention to information technology).
Facilities available in the School
1. Free Boarding & Lodging in the School Hostel.
2. Individual attention to each student.
Details of Courses/Activities to be undertaken for Students
Educational Games Co-curricular
English Foodball Trekking
Hindi Hockey Hiking
Mathematics Cricket Yoga
General Science Volley Ball Quiz
Social Studies Basket Ball General Knowledge
Work Experience Badminton Debating
Computer Education Table Tennis Drawing & Painting
Lawn Tennis Bhartiyum
Kho Kho Cultural Activities
Kabadi All Faith Prayer
Sports Meditation
Athletics NCC Activities
Judo Scouts & Guides
Karate Band Training
Boxing Educational Background
Wrestling Music
Weight Lifting Arts & Crafts
Shooting Moral Science
Arms Sports
Arrow Shooting
Gymnastic Activities
The school will provide Value oriented education. It will introduce guru-shishya attitude which would create a familiar relationship, a lasting bond between the teacher and the taught. Special coaching will be provided even in their hostels. The school will provide training in leadership by   keeping them in small groups of 6 or 8 students  each.  School will try to inculcate in the students a love for their own culture.
1. School will arrange
2. During class - VI there will be teaching of all the sports & games.
3. From class - VII onwards there will be specialization of games & sports as per the interest of the students.
Strength of the School (A Plan for 5 Years)
Session Class Strength Remarks
2000 - 2001 VI 32 Intake (Only Boys)
2001 - 2002 VII 32 Intake (Only Boys)
VI 32 Intake (Only Boys)
Total 64
2002 - 2003 VIII 32 Intake (Only Boys)
VII 32 Intake (Only Boys)
VI 32 Intake (Only Boys)
Total 96
2003 - 2004 IX 32 Intake (Only Boys)
VIII 32 Intake (Only Boys)
VII 32 Intake (Only Boys)
VI 32 Intake (Only Boys)
Total 128
2004 - 2005 X 32 Intake (Only Boys)
IX 32 Intake (Only Boys)
VIII 32 Intake (Only Boys)
VII 32 Intake (Only Boys)
VI 32 Intake (Only Boys)
Total 160
2 students from each of the 14 districts will be admitted on the basis of selection by a board at the district level under the chairmanship of the Deputy Commissioner. Total 4 students will be admitted on the recommendation of the Hon'ble Minister of Sports & Youth Affairs/Director Sports & Youth Affairs.
Daily Routine
0500 Hrs - - Wake - up time
0530 Hrs 0730 Hrs - Assembly, Conditioning-Activity classes
0730 Hrs 0815 Hrs - Bathing / Cleaning
0815 Hrs 0845 Hrs - Breakfast
0845 Hrs 0930 Hrs - Morning Study Hour
0930 Hrs 0945 Hrs - Library Time
0945 Hrs - - Warning Bell for Academic classes
0950 Hrs - - Prayer/Day's thought/News
1000 Hrs 1300 Hrs - Educational Classes
1300 Hrs 1330 Hrs - Lunch
1330 Hrs 1600 Hrs - Rest
1600 Hrs 1615 Hrs - Tea - Break
1615 Hrs 1800 Hrs - Match Practice
1800 Hrs 1900 Hrs - Bathing, Cleaning and rest
1900 Hrs 1930 Hrs - Viewing TV News
1930 Hrs 2015 Hrs - Evening Study Hour
2015 Hrs 2045 Hrs - Dinner
2045 Hrs 2130 Hrs - Recreation/TV viewing
2130 Hrs 2200 Hrs - Personal Works
2200 Hrs - - Lights Off

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