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Trade Regulations of orchids :

Orchids are an endangered plant group. Hence, orchid trade is regulated under the Convention of International Trade for Endangered Species (CITES). Since India is a signatory to this convention, Orchid trade attracts the Wild Life Protection Act ( 1972) of government of India amended in 1992 . Accordingly, Orchids have been brought under Schedule VI of Wild Life Protection act and the trade is regulated as under. 
  1. No wild collected orchids are allowed for trade. 

  2. All Orchids meant for trade must be nursery grown and a declaration to that effect  must be made by the individual nursery man, or grower and submit the list of Orchids grown by him to the Regional Deputy Director, wild Life Preservation, of Calcutta, through the Chief Wild Life warden of the State.

  3. The nursery will be jointly inspected by the Regional deputy Director and the Chief wild Life Warden of the state and the  list of plants will be verified in the nursery.

  4.  Legal procurement certificate should be obtained from the Chief Wild Life Warden for any Orchid to be sold and exported.

  5. The nursery-man is required to submit a quarterly return of receipts and disposal of Orchids/Plants to the plant preservation office regularly.

  6.  Based on the joint inspection report, his nursery will be registered for trade-domestic and foreign.

  7.  If any consignment is to be exported CITES and quarantine inspection will be done jointly at the port of dispatch and sealed before dispatch. Only thereafter CITES and quarantine documents will be issued.

  8.  The Orchids listed on Appendix-I include, Cattleya sinneri, Cattleya triannae, Didiciea cuninghamii, Laelia jongheana, laelia lobata, lycaste virginalis, paphiopedilum- all species Renanthera imschootiana & Vanda Coerulea. All other species are on Appendix II . In the recent CITES conference in Japan ( 1993) , certain changes have been effected Prime among them is the exclusion of Appendix-I flasked Orchid seedlings from control, , Hence flaked seedling of Orchids can now be exported without " CITE" certificate and inspection which is subject to ratification by Government of India and the same is awaited. 

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