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Textiles and Handicrafts of Arunachal Pradesh
  Wood Carving and Mask    Necklace
Cane & Bamboo Products
Cane Hat

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Sl. Particulars Code No. Rate (approx.in Rs.) Preview
1. Wood Carving ARH-18 1000.00 Wood Carving (ARH-18)
2. Wooden Flower Vase ARH-21 60.00 Wood Carving (ARH-21)
3. Wood Carving ARH-24 1500.00 Wood Carving (ARH-24)
4. Wooden Smoking Pipe ARH-47 60.00 Wooden Smoking Pipe (ARH-47)
5. Wooden Mask ARH-19 650.00 Wooden Mark (ARH-19)
6. Wooden Mask ARH-25 650.00 Wooden Mask (ARH-15)
7. Wooden Mask ARH-20 650.00 Wood Carving (ARH-20)
8. Wooden Mask ARH-22 800.00 Wooden Mask(ARH-22)
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