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Concerned State : Arunachal Pradesh
Concerned Department : Department of Planning
Scheme Title : Release of Special Plan Assistance (SPA) during Annual Plan 2013-14
Sponsored by : Both Central & State Government
Description : The Ministry of Finance, Government of lndia vide letters No. "F.No.44 (7)PFI/2013-1116 dated 9/12/2013 and F.No.44(7)PFI/2013-1491 dated 11/02/2014 has released 90% Central share of Special plan Assistance of Rs 454.00 crore against 332 nos. projects including 5 Nos.(five) on-going projects under SPA submitted by the State Government during 2013-14
Beneficiaries : Citizen of Arunachal Pradesh
File Name : Release Special Plan Assistance Annual Plan 2013-14 190 MB
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