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Concerned State : Arunachal Pradesh
Concerned Department : Agriculture & Marketting Department
Title of Announcement : Separate agri-planning for mountain states
Catagory : Others
Concerned Date :
12 / 12 / 2014
Details :
Arunachal Pradesh Agriculture Minister Chowna Mein has urged the Central Govt to have a separate planning process and a specific body for mountain states on agriculture.
Speaking about the nascent stage of farming in the state at the "Meet of the Mountain States", the two-day event which concluded at Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, New Delhi on 11 December 2014, Mein suggested measures to scale up the process in mountain states including planning framework, market linkages, green budgeting and state-farmer communications.
Including the states in the planning process, specific policy initiatives and harnessing the potential of the states have been identified as key factors for better future of the mountain states during the two day event which was attended by major stakeholders of the mountainous regions of India. Member of Parliament from Sikkim P.D. Rai, in his address during the second day's proceedings, emphasised: "Going forward, it is important to join hands and energise every stake holder - policy-makers, executive and NGOs -to achieve the vision of making every Indian proud of our mountains."
The second session for the day was on "Regional Consultation on Mountain Issues in light of Climate Change Negotiations". The session was held in coordination with GLOBE India and Indian Environment Law Office (IELO). This was followed by a round-table discussion of policy makers from the mountain states. Impact on crops like Apple in Himachal Pradesh, large cardamom in Sikkim and the measures taken by the respective Governments were discussed by representatives from the states. Impact of climate change in states of Meghalaya and West Bengal were also highlighted.
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